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All questions about where I get my meterials will not be answered, here's why:

Resourcing my supplies

I watched a video interview of Tamar from Nest Pretty Things shop. Tamar is truly inspirational, my role model for an Etsy seller. Being an Etsy sellter, I know how much work she put into her beautiful shop.

There is a part of the video where the interviewer asked where she gets her supplies and how she resources her materials. 

She answered this question so gracefully. And I agree with all of what she said. 

It took hard work (and I literally mean blood, sweat and tears)
I can only explain my experiene as "trials and errors..trials...and then some more errors"

Like how Audrey's from Conversational pieces described her experience with resourcing in her blog post

..."vendors, factories, business associates. Late shipments, dishonest quotes, misrepresentation of finished product. Certainly we lost a lot of time and money, but I think my heart broke over the long standing relationships we had and having to let them go. I don't give up on people easily so this is heartbreaking and discouraging for me.... but I do recognize repeat offenders and it is time to walk away.

When I get a casual email from an admirer of my shop (better yet, another Etsy jewelry seller) asking where I get my supplies, I feel very flattered. Someone must love my pieces so much to want to know where I get my supplies so she can possibly make them herself. 

Think about it..Vera Bradley will never tell you or sell you her fabric by yards because those very prints are her brand.
These materials are my brand and many are exclusively for my shop. I hope that you check back at my Etsy shop  and enjoy my creations!

Thank you so much!



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