Wednesday, May 29, 2013

That's Mine Boutique is on a roll

I have been so busy creating new pieces for my shop ! 

Today, I was so excited to get on my computer and read my daily blogs, especially from Smart and Savy by Heather and Style Diary  by Katie!

Heather from Smart and Savy

Heather from Smart and Savy

Visit Katie blog here

 Katie from Style Dairy
The coral and Turquoise necklace is my favorite piece ( the moment) from my shop! It features the light coral peach lucite beads and 2 teardrop turquoise at each end.

Can't get enough of the turquoise color? check out my new piece, just added to the shop yesterday: 

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  1. Heather and I must have similar taste! How cool that we both styled the same necklace :)

    Style Diary

  2. I love how they both styled the necklaces! Very pretty :)