Monday, July 22, 2013

Behind the scene: the making of Deep Purple Bib necklace

Today I want to share with you the steps involved in making the deep purple bib necklace. Please note that this is not a DIY instructions :)! Just taking you behind the scene of That's Mine! Boutique.

Step 1: wire wrapped a loop on each purple bead,
using sterling silver plated headpins and small flower beads

finished products from step 1

Step 2: strand 3 sterling silver brass beads on
silver filled wire to make a connector piece. 

finished product from step 2

Step 3: connect all 3 pieces of measured silver chain
using the two brass bead connectors

Now we are ready to make a bib!

Last step: carefully hang each purple bead using
a small silver chain to make a 3 row web

After 45 mns - 1 hour, we have here the deep purple bib necklace! Viola!

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