Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Zika Virus testing

I just got back from the beautiful Bahamas...with several mosquito bites. 7 days later, I came down with fever, sore throat, joint pain, though no rash or red eyes. Do I have Zika? 

There are soo many articles out there about Zika virus testings and how they work BUT how do you go about getting tested???

I went to the state and county health department website and there are no clear info of how to get tested. 
After ton of trips to Dr office, urgent care centers, health department + many phone calls (where I had people from the local health department hung up on me!)

Here is how I got my testing done and I wish there is an article or someone out there to tell me how easy it is:

**note: This is a PCR test, it is only effective within 7-10 days of the symptoms onset.
**note: Labcorp is available in most states


1. Get an appointment with your doctor as soon as you have the symptoms (fever, rash, joint pain, red eyes, fatique etc).  They usually occur 5-7 days after the bite, when the viral load releases.

2. have your doctor order a lab test from Labcorp with test # 139600 just like this

Zika virus testing lab order

3. Go to Labcorp, get your blood drawn (only 1 vial!) and urine collected (10-20ml)
4. Result within 3 days. Viola! 

more info: https://goo.gl/0myWAL

I hope this information helps someone who just got back from a nice lovely vacation in an area where  there is Zika transmission. It took me a lot of driving, calling, waiting and a bit of tears to find out.


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