Friday, July 5, 2013

Holly 's Artwork with Crayons

When you think of artworks using crayons, they are not limited to just coloring.

My mother in law, Holly, have been helping her son (my husband's younger brother, Marc) decorate his apartment.

Here is her description of the how she made these pieces:

"I made some more artwork for Marc's apartment and birthday.

I pushed color crayons through my small hot glue gun onto wood framed canvases.  They were left over from when Lauren was in 7th grade homeschooling and purchased at a craft store.  I only had to buy three new packs of eight crayons for 97 cents each.  Then I hot glued blue ribbon around the edge of the canvases to hid the staples".

They are so brilliant! I have never thought that the crayons will fit the hot glue gun slots!!:

Crayon Artwork

Crayon Artwork

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