Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sidewalkready with That's Mine! Boutique

Few things happened last week:

1. Kayley from sidewalkready styled some of That's Mine! pieces. and She looked absolutely fabulous. Check out her blog for a $65 from That's Mine!
Mint Bib Necklace 

Blush Pink bib necklace

2. Mark Skye Jansson from Anymals, Italy  found my shop through facebook. He asked about how I got started and how I get where I am now. I told him that I got started just like everyone else on Etsy. This is what I love to do so it is not hard to work really hard. I think about making my pieces and putting it on my shop constantly.

I think everyone should find something he/she likes to do and do it well. No one started selling on Etsy knowing how exactly. But the learning curve would be a lot less pain if you are actually into it.

3. I replaced my PC with a MacAir!!. I also changed my Samsung galaxy S3 to iPhone. And now everything is on iCloud!! (including me lol). So, another advice is to take advantage of technology. SERIOUSLY. your life will become much easier if you have a great tool to organize your stuff. See what I mean here

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